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We are looking for specialists who are passionate about games just like ourselves. For us, work is fun. We look forward to new colleagues who will bring some more expertise and fun with them.

If you want to make cool games surrounded by friends, then you should come to us.


  • Sound Designer

    We are Dreamate, a Kyiv-based studio founded in 2020. We're currently working on an Action RPG titled "New Arc Line" (https://www.newarcline.com) – an epic role-playing game set in a world that resembles the early 20th-century USA, where magic and technology collide. The protagonist is an immigrant who discovers the colorful inhabitants of this fascinating world, learns ancient spells or steampunk gadgets, and gets caught up in social upheavals that will forever change their destiny. This story features multiple endings determined by player choices.

    We are passionate about what we do, love creating games, and enjoy playing them. We're in need of a professional who shares our enthusiasm for creating games!



    • Creation and implementation of audio systems in Unreal Engine 5.
    • Creation and editing of sound effects for in-game events.
    • Editing and implementation of music and dialogues.
    • Sound design for cinematic scenes/dialogues.
    • Collaboration with other departments to bring ideas to life in line with gameplay and game narrative.
    • Setting up dynamic mixing, optimizing the sound engine, and ensuring sound content quality.


    • Experience working as a Sound Designer in the game development industry or related fields.
    • Proficiency with sound workstations (Reaper, Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton, etc.) and sound design tools for creating audio content.
    • Understanding of interactive sound design principles and their implementation in games.
    • Knowledge of Unreal Engine and its audio implementation tools.
    • Familiarity with Blueprints and prototyping/implementation skills.
    • Creativity, teamwork, and adaptability to project requirements.

    Additional requirements:

    • Experience with Unreal Engine 5's new sound systems: Soundscape, Quartz, and Audio Modulation.
    • Experience working with voice actors for dubbing.



    • The opportunity to release a game you can be proud of and share with friends.
    • Being part of a cool team that values support, professionalism, development, creativity, and fun.
    • Working in a cozy office in the historic center of Kyiv.
    • Medical insurance coverage.
    • 24 days of vacation + 5 sick days without documentation and insurance.
    • Assistance with tax registration and tax compensation.